The Alabama EnFoRcErS
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Welcome to our team's web site!


"I know of people who use paintball markers for their unchildish acts to have fun and mess up things,but when kids beat in a mailbox with a baseball bat,do we outlaw baseball? Of course not,because the ball bat was just the tool used,and it was used outside of a game of baseball in an improper way."

"Never degrade a marker,tis never the marker,tis most the time the person. Cause it is 70% person and 30% marker that wins."

Welcome to the EnFoRcErS web site. We are a new team to this sport,and we are going to be working hard and trying to get some people to sponsor our team. We hope to make an impact on the growing,popular sport of Paintball. If you have any questions or think that you might want to sponsor our team please send them to Casey at Thanks and look forward to seeing us on the rise.

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